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Plantation Shutter Repair

Plantation Shutter damage is common. Most places will suggest to replace the entire shutter and frames and often suggest opening an insurance claim due to the high costs for a full replacement.

A plantation shutter repair is often the best choice for a fast turn around time to your problem and most importantly a reduction in unnecessary waste.

We repair plantation shutters onsite. The most common issue is a broken plantation shutter pin. If the blade is not damaged (Timber missing from the blade) we can usually repair during one call out.

If replacement blades are required we carry our most common colour blades with us.

When windows are damaged and are in need of replacement quite often your existing plantation shutters will need to be resized to fit.

We have an extensive range of tools to precisely resize and adjust your shutters on site saving you the huge costs involved of replacing your shutters.

Broken bi fold plantation shutters? No problem! we have an extensive range of spares on hand to carry out necessary works.

Our white plantation shutter parts are most often a perfect match although if there are differences we do have painting facilities available.